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  • Family Thais 2

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    Part 2: 7 Billionth Baby

    Imprisoned by a corrupt legal system for three and a half years. Forced to have her baby by Caesarean section in a flooded jail. In constant fear of losing the support of her lover. How would Nok and her three children survive?
    Mother of two and 5 months pregnant with her third, Nok had been framed as a drug dealer by corrupt cops looking for a 150,000 baht bribe. Threatened with 7 years in prison if she fought her case and lost, or half that time if she ‘confessed’, for the sake of her unborn baby she had ‘confessed’ and been sentenced to 3 years 6 months.
    Now she faced the prospect of a Caesarean birth in a flooded prison if her English boyfriend could not successfully appeal her sentence on compassionate grounds. But the new Thai government had asserted itself as heavily anti-drug and the wheels of the Thai judicial system turned very slowly. Could he get her out, or not?

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