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  • English Modal Auxiliary Verbs

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    English Modal Auxiliary Verbs

    • May, Might, Can, Could, Will, Would, Shall, Should, Must, Need, Dare, Used(to), Ought(to)
    • ‘May And Might’ Are Used To Denote Possibility, Compulsion, Obligation, Probability (In Present And Future)
    • ‘Can And Could’ Are Used To Express – Ability, Probability, Possibility, Suggestion, Request, Condition
    • ‘Will And Would’ Are Used To Express – Action In Future, Present Habit, Compulsion, Obligation
    • ‘Shall And Should’ Are Used To Express – Action In Future, Suggestion, Surprise, Importance Or Purpose
    • ‘Must’ Is Used To Denote Logical Conclusions, Necessity, Event Occurring Definitely In Present, Event Occurring Definitely In Past Different Patterns For Using Modal Auxiliary Verb
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