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  • Bangkok Smile/s Volume II

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    Secrets of the Thais from Phra Attit Road to Sukhumvit – Volume 2
    First, the aim is to point out the amusing things for the visitor or resident in Bangkok. This is especially amazing as the entire world now is going into a mental meltdown, economics teetering, social unrest a general event, mother nature there showing the earthquakes and floods she has to pull out in order to break global monotony.
    Testosterone is down for males and relativism is up for world politics. Taking this all in in the sanctuary of seamy Bangkok is quite an experience. Thais quietly doing their own thing seem ready to buttress the collapses going on, and charge into the future like armadillos with pseudo Ban Ray sunglasses out to see a nuclear test. The Thais’ unique tenacity to survive is wound up and ready to go.

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