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  • Hookers Hero

    $4.99 Worthington, Sam
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    Early on Tuesday morning Security consultant Ted Dennison receives a phone call from a nightclub hostess and within minutes he is involved in one violent incident after another. It is clear the girl’s life is in danger but nobody knows why.
    Ted desperately looks for clues in 1970’s London as a vicious bombing campaign threatens to bring the city to a halt. Protecting his client proves increasingly difficult as those seeking her have the seemingly unlimited resources of one of London’s leading underworld figures. The chase moves to the Cotswolds and then the West Country. But Ted is forced to return to London where he faces his toughest challenge yet in London’s exclusive West End.
    With the police and security forces chasing the bombers Ted finds no help when he uncovers the truth and he is forced to take the law into his owns hands.

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