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  • ALIEN Mysteries Solved

    $6.99$13.99 Swithin, William
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    Irrefutable evidence of messages received; alien activity on planet Earth!
    While writing this book, the author underwent an extraordinary experience. He received messages, from an unknown source, regarding the contents of the book.
    These messages contained vital, hitherto unknown information about the history and origins of planet Earth. Due to the nature and content of these communications, it became obvious to the author that their source must be ALIENS.
    Irrefutable credibility was delivered in the form of firm evidence of their presence and of their activity on Earth two thousand years ago.

    Based on such evidence, the author assures readers that this book will deliver:
    1.    To NASA: great embarrassment;
    2.    To UFO/ALIEN enthusiasts: confirmation and satisfaction;
    3.    To all doubters and skeptics: inevitable defeat, as  they will not be up against the author of this book, but against powers far more advanced than all of us.

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