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  • Manager confidential

    $4.99$14.99 Ng’oma, Vera Ama
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    Good managers are said to be few and far between. But you can buck this trend. You can become an uber-effective manager. The manager’s job has typically been described as one of planning, coordinating and maintaining the status quo. However, in today’s fast paced and complicated workplace this traditional managerial role no longer works. Everyday, managers have to make tough decisions, manage impossible targets and deal with challenging people issues many of which often leave them stumped and floundering.

    In Manager Confidential, author, Vera Ama Ng’oma shows you how to handle those vexing situations and gives principles and suggestions for becoming the manager people want to work for. Learn how to:

    • Refine your management style and trigger great performance
    • Be continually engaged and stay on top of the important issues • Keep your environment productive, motivating and rewarding
    • Correct poor performance without delay, diffidence or drama
    • Work with people’s strengths and help them grow exponentially • Manage results and relationships well during times of change
    • Set, communicate and manage clear priorities even in uncertainty

    This is an essential guide that will teach you to become a manager who effectively deals with whatever comes at them, works well with people and makes a real difference. When you face those situations when you don’t know what to do, this book comes to the rescue.

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  • Brief Tutorial on Firearm

    $4.99 Teh, L.H.
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    History, Techniques & Science

    This book is written with knowledge of history, techniques of shooting and the science behind firearm. It contains information on the firearm history, techniques of shooting, techniques of gun care and the ballistic science. The purpose of this book is to enable any reader who is very much interested in firearm and shooting to gain more knowledge by reading it.
    With some formula presented in this book it should make any reader understand more of ballistic science. As firearm is very dangerous equipment, the book explains how to care for the firearm to prevent any fatality. The book provides some in-depth techniques on shooting and ballistic calculation which will be very useful for any active firearm enthusiasts.
    However the entire risk of the use of any information in this publication is assumed by the user. The writer is not responsible for any wrong practice resulting from readers reading this book.

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  • Naga Paddy Man to the World

    $2.99 Sandham, Oken Jeet
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    Naga Paddy Man To The World is based on the a rare paddy species discovered from a jungle of Chumukedima, Nagaland, India, by one Pastor Melhite Kenye on October 1, 1998.
    This race species has later been recognized by the Guinness World Records London as the ‘Tallest Paddy in the world. Soon after the news of the rare species getting recognized as the ‘Tallest Paddy’ in the world, its news went like a wildfire.
    The paddy plant which got recognition as the ‘Tallest Paddy’ in the world is still preserved in the residence of the discoverer, Pastor Melhite Kenye, at Chumukedima, Nagaland, India.

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