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  • Not even God Could sink Titanic

    $4.99$14.99 Lindgren, Pia
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    The Titanic disaster is perhaps the most famous ship accident of all time. While the Titanic was a symbol of technological advancement, it also became a symbol of human supremacy and produced the superstition that is was unsinkable. The maiden voyage of the Titanic was for many emigrants a safe start to their dream of a new life in America, but the passage was far from safe.

    Interest in the Titanic has always been enormous, probably since she left no trace. It increased when the wreck was found in 1985 and the 1997 movie Titanic showed the ship’s downfall. For those who had relatives onboard, the movie became a source of sorrow.

    It was also one of the reasons that Pia Lindgren chose to research the Danbom family onboard the Titanic that fatal night in April 1912. Here she tells their family history.

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  • Intellectual Mathematics Workbook For Grade 1

    $9.99 Tan, Alan
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    Singapore Math Workbook For Grade 1

    Intellectual Mathematics Workbooks (International Edition) is a series of books written in line with the latest mathematics syllabus as prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

    It is written to help pupils to understand and strengthen their mathematical concept and problem solving skills. Each chapter consists of many different types of questions with the objective of exposing the pupils to different kindly of questions and problem sums.  A step by step solution for all questions is also provided at the back of the books.  Pupils can refer to the answer whenever they get stuck with the questions.

    Pupils will find this workbook challenging and motivating.  It will developed a strong foundation for the pupils.

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  • 7 Simple Rules of Weight Loss

    $3.99 Wood & DeAndrea
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    This book has proven successful for one simple fact. It works…
    This is a fast and effective plan to lose weight quick. It is a plan that aims to cause a rapid change, but not necessarily over the long-term. You will lose weight on this plan, but the greatest results are permanent when there is a change in metabolism.

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