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  • UPs for Thriving

    $4.99$14.99 Ng’oma, Vera Ama
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    Are you UP for rising above the noise around you, pushing your boundaries and becoming stellar? Then putting yourself diligently and deliberately on a path that leads UP is the way.
    In “UPs for Thriving”, Leadership and Personal development expert Vera Ama Ng’oma shares strategies for developing your ability to advance and soar. The nuggets are plentiful!

    Learn How To:

    • DisrUPt your professional life constructively
    • Rack UP small wins regularly and consistently
    • Cear UP for the right kind of help and resources
    • Prime UP your mindset for sustained progression
    • Rise UP quickly and confidently when you stumble
    • Stir youself UP to fight complacency and rustiness
    • Line UP and activate positive self-fulfilling prophecies

    If you’re not moving upwards or forwards, you’re going backwards because there is no neutral. “UPs for Thriving” will help you cultivate the enduring brilliance you wish to experience.

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  • Self Chat

    $4.99$14.99 Ng’oma, Vera Ama
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    Talk yourself into doing what makes you awesome
    Every now and then it makes sense to have honest chats with yourself, gain some clarity and take action to refresh your life and ambitions. Self Chat is a treasure chest of positively life changing questions to help you make the tweaks, shifts and commitments that will enable you get rid of any cobwebs that may be taking the shine off your life.
    With over 200 questions, author Vera Ama Ng’oma helps you reflect on a range of things including how you make decisions, how you handle vulnerability, what fulfils you, what grows you and how to become unstoppable; all in a bid to get you to become clear on what to do to live your most awesome life.

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  • It happened in SE. Asia

    $6.99 Cook, Michael J.
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    Many aircraft journeys between Western Australia and Singapore, but that’s where the real travel starts. By train and air but mostly train throughout Malaysia and Thailand. Many warmed beds in cheap hotels and backpackers rooms in remote towns in both countries. Travels to cities and towns, many rarely visited by the normal traveller.

    The story of two lovely ladies to whom Jim Roberts becomes very attached, one in Bangkok, one in Hat Yai, a southern city in Thailand. But in the end, home to Australia always beckons.

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  • Mga Huling Araw: The Last Days of Angeles

    $4.99$12.99 Poet, Jack
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    The political climate in Angeles City, The Philippines has shifted dramatically in the past year. The old Angeles was home to Clark Air Force base, and the red light district surrounding Fields Avenue was notorious for its raucous nightlife. Now, with increased political pressure focused on eliminating prostitution, there is an air of fear and caution among the bars that has rarely been seen.
    Jack Poet reports what he experienced on the ground in Angeles during the summer of 2013, and attempts to answer the question, are these the last days for Angeles?

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  • ALIEN Mysteries Solved

    $6.99$13.99 Swithin, William
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    Irrefutable evidence of messages received; alien activity on planet Earth!
    While writing this book, the author underwent an extraordinary experience. He received messages, from an unknown source, regarding the contents of the book.
    These messages contained vital, hitherto unknown information about the history and origins of planet Earth. Due to the nature and content of these communications, it became obvious to the author that their source must be ALIENS.
    Irrefutable credibility was delivered in the form of firm evidence of their presence and of their activity on Earth two thousand years ago.

    Based on such evidence, the author assures readers that this book will deliver:
    1.    To NASA: great embarrassment;
    2.    To UFO/ALIEN enthusiasts: confirmation and satisfaction;
    3.    To all doubters and skeptics: inevitable defeat, as  they will not be up against the author of this book, but against powers far more advanced than all of us.

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  • Bordellos and Brothels: Indonesia

    $5.99 Clarion, Thomas
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    Indonesia bordellos and brothels are diverse in nature and range from rumah resocialisasi, government run bordellos aiming to rehabilitate women, to plain cheap dumps for men to get relief.
    Thomas Clarion is taking an interest in who runs these joints and if the management live up to their expectations, in the process he meets the women, some jewels of women.

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  • Italiano – Thai Bar Guide

    $5.99$8.99 Reynolds, Mark
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    Conversazioni con le ragazze dei bar . . .
    Libro da leggere prima di innamorarsi !
    Questo libro è la guida esauriente per la scena dei bar in Thailandia.
    Bar beer, go-go bar, centri massaggi, Patpong, Soi Cowboy, Nana, bar fine, shows, katoeys, situazioni
    Questo ed altro . . .
    Frasi semplici e brevi conversazioni.
    Un libro che tutti dovrebbero comprare !

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