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  • Pokemon X and Y Guide

    $3.99$7.99 ProGamer
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  • Souls II

    $1.49 Frances, Oliver
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    Souls II is one ebook that belongs to the Heart & Souls series. This edition, the first of the serie, is a collection of three spiritual and emotional short stories about life and relationships.

    It features “An Age Gap” a love that blooms surprisingly on daily basis, anyhow it has an unexpected final -and this is not by the peculiarity that defines it.

    “Father & Son”, a love based on respect and acceptance of their mutual differences and points of view.

    “Ideas”, an entire world of thoughts of an individual who blames his setbacks and tragedy on somebody else until an unthinkable helping hand is offered to him to prove that he is the one who creates his own reality.

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  • Souls

    $2.99 Frances, Oliver
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    Souls is one ebook that belongs to the Heart & Souls series. This edition, the first of the serie, is a collection of three spiritual and emotional short stories about life and relationships.

    It features “Soul Mates“, a soul that incarnates the body of a gorgeous woman and whose mission is to find love, but living in and dealing with a material and ironic world make her detour the path to the goal -by which the soul comes to life.

    Nigel“, an orphan child who always dreams of having a different life from his own and who can’t notice the blessings around nor appreciate the message of the beings of light given to him in his dreams. So he grows up indifferent to life until fate unfolds tragically to him.

    And “Heartless“, a young scientist’s wish to create beautiful people, especially women to have one as his partner, but unfortunately in the whole process of creation he forgets the vital element for a soul that it is a heart.

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  • Up to you! Vol 4

    $0.00$9.99 Reynolds, Al
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    Vol 4

    The fourth volume of an adventurous cartoon book about the ladies of Pattaya, Thailand. You are the target and you have been hit. Feel that?
    If this is your first visit to Thailand you may think of this book as a frivolous book of cartoons. But an expat to Thailand will look upon this adventurous cartoon book for what it is:  the heart wrenching family album that has recorded his emotional joy ride through the fog of middle age.  This is the book that lays out in elusive detail, those great adventures of the recent past and adventurers yet to be experienced in the land of huge smiles…
    For the hapless adventurer this is a cartoon text book of things to come; adventures to be experienced and fortunes to be lost. For the occasional visitor, who has scheduled time to howl at the full moon while on a deserted island in a most inebriated state, this is a book that can entertain you between those moments when you are imagining sobriety in the dawns early light while you are on the hunt for breakfast of chili peppers and more cheap beer.
    This is a cartoon book found nowhere else on earth and appeals to no one else on earth other than the tourist, occasional visitor, expat to Thailand or perhaps one or two of those faint of heart stay at homes who like to peep through the safety of key holes into the adventures of life that is beyond the frame work of their own front doors.
    The author is lost to some village somewhere in the up north of Thailand where  he is busy knocking out yet another book… only this time it is a book of text… a book where the rampant reader will find himself captivated by the same adventures illustrated in the three volumes of Up to you.  Only this time it will be in word form and you, the reader, will be put to task to imagine on your own, the scenes laid out for you by this most cunning and entertaining author of words and pictures so well presented.   You may want to use these four volumes as research material.
    I can’t wait.

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