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  • Intellectual Mathematics Textbook For Grade 6

    $9.99$39.99 Tan, Alan
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    Singapore Math Textbook For Grade 6

    Intellectual Mathematics Textbooks (International Edition) is a series of books written in line with the latest mathematics syllabus as prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

    It is written to help pupils to understand and strengthen their mathematical concept and problem solving skills. Each chapter is illustrated with a clear and concise explanation and it include many worked examples with detailed step by step solution.

    Pupils will find this textbook easy to use and understand.  It will guide the pupils at a manageable pace to develop their love for math and hence to inject the much needed confidence in them.

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  • The Kingdom of Phamniet

    $9.99 Schliesinger, Joachim
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    The Kingdom of Phamniet―An Early Port State in Modern Southeastern Thailand is a study about the tiny Khmer Kingdom (or state) of Phamniet, which was founded by a colony of Khmer people in the late-6th or early-7th century AD near the modern city of Chanthaburi.

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  • An Angel with a Gun

    $4.99$14.99 Lilburne, Guy
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    Steven West first appeared in the book ‘The Flower Girl‘. After spending some time back in England Steven decides to give Thailand a second chance. This time he trains as a Buddhist Monk and after he travels through Thailand he finds his assigned ‘Wat’. He calls it ‘The lost temple of Kanchanaburi’. The ancient wooden building is lost in the jungle on the border with Myanmar. His congregation is the poorest of the poor.
    Steven works tirelessly to rebuild the temple and serve the local people. It works out more or less ok for years until falling in love and a drug smuggler get in the way. The wonderfully naïve and inept Steven West makes a long overdue return in another hilarious adventure in the ‘Land of Smiles’.

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  • Muay Thai – Lords of the Ring

    $6.99$34.99 Cusick, Patrick
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    Muay Thai – World Champions and Greatest Heroes
    The chronicles of Muay Thai from ancient battlefields to 21st century warriors.

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