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  • Intellectual Mathematics Textbook For Grade 2

    $9.99 Tan, Alan
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    Singapore Math Textbook For Grade 2

    Intellectual Mathematics Textbooks (International Edition) is a series of books written in line with the latest mathematics syllabus as prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

    It is written to help pupils to understand and strengthen their mathematical concept and problem solving skills. Each chapter is illustrated with a clear and concise explanation and it include many worked examples with detailed step by step solution.

    Pupils will find this textbook easy to use and understand.  It will guide the pupils at a manageable pace to develop their love for math and hence to inject the much needed confidence in them.

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  • The Inner Line

    $4.99$14.99 Winkler, Ken
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    The Inner Line is the third installment of a trilogy that follows the adventures of Tim Best, former Vietnam War Vet and intelligence operative. The first book (Never Recovered) detailed his experiences to locate missing WWII gold in the Himalayas, and the second one involved his investigations into the murder and intrigues surrounding Buddhist icon smuggling and the kidnapping of reincarnated monks. This last book involves Tim Best and his partner attempting to block a dirty bomb terrorist action in Lhasa, Tibet.
    All three books were inspired by true events.

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  • The Urge, Volume 2

    $4.99 Welman, Frans
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    The URGE is a philosophical tale on progress and anxiety between two men and their women who live in high gear financially and human rights; set in Amsterdam and Bangkok, the son of the financier rebels and starts a journey with his controversial friend to change matters on course; the path to their goal is well laid out and astonishes everyone though they do not know that these two young men are the founders of the ORG.
    The URGE shows determination instead of salon high level academic talk; the driving force coming from conviction and zest for life.
    Volume One sets the psychological background and the connection with Asia; Volume Two is set in Thailand.

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