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  • Elephants in Thailand 3 – White Elephants in Thailand and Neighboring Countries

    $17.99 Schliesinger, Joachim
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    The elephant is the national symbol of Thailand. Yet, despite its close association with the people of the country over the centuries and the many services it has rendered to the kings and ordinary men, its very future survival hangs in the balance.

    This third volume, Elephants in Thailand – White Elephants in Thailand and Neighboring Countries, defines the “white elephant”, recounts the myths about white elephants in ancient Indian lore (the Jatakas) and their transmission to Southeast Asia, presents reports of early Western travelers on the white elephant stables in Siam and Burma, and finally gives an account of the royal white elephants in contemporary Thailand. The text is complemented by 110 illustrations.

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  • A Year in Chiang Mai

    $4.99$13.99 Gunn, Alexander
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    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on holiday and never go back? Alex and his wife Chrissy decided that if they were going to change their lives they had better do it before their 2 small children got too old and too settled. They gave up good jobs, put their house on the market, said goodbye to bemused friends and relatives, found new homes for their geese and goats and moved from rural England to the other side of the world.
    They chose the jungle city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand where they had no friends, no contacts and no income (and no geese or goats). A year later having survived near bankruptcy, rabies, cock fights, police road blocks, the mysterious elephant cowboys and a Yoda like monk who sold them a lucky charm wooden penis, they managed to set up what has become an award winning travel company, “The Life Change People”.
    This unusual business aims to change people’s lives in just 7 days. Reading this book might just change yours!

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  • Blame It On Bangkok

    $0.00 Gump, J.F.

    Sex, Lies & Alibis
    Tippawan is suspicious when her ex-fiancé starts being nice. She’s about to find out why.
    Joe Copeland races to save his son from drugs, and discovers more than he ever wanted to know.
    Young Troy learns an painful truth about his father after his mother dies.
    Kamra’s life has not been an easy one. Hear a Thai lady’s story in her own poignant words.
    See Hanoi through the eyes of a fiction writer.
    Tad’s brother is dead in Thailand. He goes there to find out why. He should have stayed home…. And Other Musings

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  • The Flower Girl

    $4.99$14.99 Lilburne, Guy
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    Steven West is not one of life’s beautiful people. He works in an uninspiring factory and goes home each day smelling of toxic glue. He is a simple man with simple needs and with little education or ambition. Like all of us he seeks happiness, maybe even love.
    A holiday in the beautiful tropical paradise island of Phuket, Thailand and a meeting with ‘The Flower Girl’ was going to change his life and his future forever in a way that he would never dream of. This is his incredible and moving story.
    In parts hilariously funny, in parts tearfully sad. When a dream turns into a nightmare and when love turns into murder, it probably wasn’t the best holiday he had ever had!

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  • The Urge, Volume 1

    $4.99 Welman, Frans
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    The URGE is a philosophical tale on progress and anxiety between two men and their women who live in high gear financially and human rights; set in Amsterdam and Bangkok the son of the financier rebels and starts a journey with his controversial friend to change matters on course; the path to their goal is well laid out and astonishes everyone though they do not know that these two young men are the founders of the ORG.
    The URGE shows determination instead of salon high level academic talk; the driving force coming from conviction and zest for life. Volume One sets the psychological background and the connection with Asia; Volume Two is set in Thailand.

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