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  • The Ladakh Papers

    $4.99$14.99 Winkler, Ken
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    In the late 900s, Tibet and China were experiencing great changes as warring factions fought for political and religious ascendency. Despite being a backwater way station, the little Silk Route trading town of Dunhuang on the edge of the Taklamakan desert served as a repository for a multitude of Buddhist scriptures and commercial papers.
    In 1908, a treasure trove of these documents came to the attention of Sir Aurel Stein, the British archeologist, including a copy of the IRK BITIG, a divination book reportedly from the nomadic reaches south of Siberia. It had been forgotten for over 1,000 years and only came to public notice in 2017 through an exhibition at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.
    One of the docents was the great grandson of a Japanese priest who had obtained a copy from Stein’s assistant, which included a secret letter describing a companion divination volume THE BOOK OF AFFLICITIONS, that, when used with the IRK BITIG, provided the locations of the hidden mythical kingdom of Shambhala as well as the location of the writings of the original Sufis.
    A group of Black Clad assassins who had chased the divination manuscript across centuries approached the docent, unaware of the companion piece, and the chase was on. The trail leads from Lone Pine, California to Los Angeles to distant monasteries in Ladakh, India and involves an elderly Zen priest and a Buddhist graduate student.

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  • Teaching in Thailand

    $13.99 Pisarich, Davis
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    A Practical System

    A Practical Guide
    Get the highest paid available job
    Teach Thais effectively and keep them engaged
    Includes classroom exercises & tips to keep you stress free

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  • Mem Cries

    $6.99$12.99 Brindley, Trevor M
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    Mem Cries tells the story of the extraordinary mid-life crisis experienced by an average guy – just like you and me. He awakes one day to find himself divorced from his wife, estranged from his new girlfriend, prematurely removed from his career and totally confused as to what to do next. Three years earlier, he enjoyed  an adventure holiday in the Southern hemisphere that eventually took him to Thailand, where in Ao Nang, Krabi, he met two beguiling characters called Mem and Ice.
    On December 26th 2004 whilst enjoying family festivities at home in England, he witnessed the disturbing television reports of the devastating Tsunami that struck the region he had such fond memories of.
    Fate and destiny play their parts in the tale of his quest to track down Mem and Ice and his search to find some alternative and more meaningful form of existence.

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