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  • Our Creations

    $7.99$36.99 Pierson, Aaron
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    Our life is Our creation so we also have the power to change our lives daily for the positive.
    It is good when we come to see that all the things in our lives boil down to one simple thing; we created this from our own heart and soul whether it is from what we have thought and done in this lifetime or what we have carried with us from another life’s lifetime.
    It is Our creation to accomplish the needed positive changes; no one else. If we take 100% responsibility for our lives that we have created, then we have the power to change our lives in the direction we desire.

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  • The LOS Diaries: Part Two

    $4.99$13.99 Jones, Mark
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    I entered the club to a blast of house music. A raised platform ran the length of the subterranean bar area. The three chrome poles spaced along its length gave freelance dancers an opportunity to recall their past days as professional pole swingers. The place was heaving, the music was pumping, and the dance platform was like a freak circus.
    A  two hundred pound farang women, dressed black lycra, cavorted around one of the poles. Directly in front of us a Thai female dwarf was dry humping a prone farang tourist. God knows what he was thinking.’
    Another night, another girl and another party in the City of Angels. In the second instalment of the LOS Diaries the author takes you on a journey into one of the most hedonistic cities on the planet.
    This is the story of a resident expat’s adventures and night time exploits in the go-go bars, and night clubs of an Asian metropolis where the action never stops and you can party until you drop.
    It is also a story of a life out of control and on the edge of acceptable moral integrity.  It is a story which will amuse as well as shock, a tale of a life lost and found in a town without pity.

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  • The Signature – Volume I

    $4.99 Welman, Frans
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    In the Signature two extremes are on the cards: one the insignificance of a signature given by a celebrity or and author, two and more importantly is the signature, the seal of agreement, between oppressed and oppressors, the former with the signature to be set free. The Signature draws attention to the outcome of a plot instigated to change the status quo so that the oppressed Boros, as per example, can achieve their desired freedom from alien and oppressive rule. The Signature takes a swing around the world as implicators and nations become frantic when this political status quo is tampered with beyond control.

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  • Breakthrough Cures

    $3.99 Wood & DeAndrea
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    It is not a mystery to those ‘in the know’ that AIDS, CANCER and HEART DISEASE can be healed and that there are treatments that exist, yet are difficult to find. It has been proven that these treatments have been kept from the public for political reasons.
    This book will uncover the known cures for the top ten illnesses. This is not a book of conspiracy, it is a proven fact and is evidenced by the fact that many people have reversed terminal conditions using the information in this book.

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  • The Thai Dragon

    $4.99$14.99 Lilburne, Guy
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    A beautiful young woman is found murdered in a luxury apartment on the tropical holiday island of Phuket. She has been butchered. She has a top security pass for the British embassy. Exhibits have gone missing and the crime scene has been tampered with.
    Dublin born Detective Sgt Danny O’Brien has been an alcoholic for the last ten years, when the British Ambassador in Bangkok requests assistance from Scotland Yard for this ‘No hoper’ of a case. Danny is packed off to Thailand to see out the last six months before his retirement. He is met at the airport by the beautiful, but brand newly promoted Thai Detective ‘Ying’ who is assigned to him because she is the only Thai Detective who is fluent in English. They both have secrets and sorrows from their pasts and issues with each other and with the case.
    Can they overcome a cultural difference that puts them worlds apart long enough to solve an unsolvable case?

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  • The Flirtations of Dan Harris

    $4.99$14.99 Humphreys, Ryan
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    When Dan Harris, tortured by thoughts of having abandoned his child, impulsively hops on a train and travels around Thailand he begins a journey that irrevocably changes his life. Unknown to Dan, on the train are the very people he will meet on his travels.

    There is Jim, a fugitive American fleeing Thailand at all costs; Gok, an abused Thai woman trapped in a slave-like marriage to a German watch repairman; Angela, a startlingly beautiful but disturbed South African traveler with a terrible secret and her friend (or lover?), Julie, a sweet Welsh woman with an irresistible proposition for Dan. And finally there is Graeme, a mystic Scottish Clairvoyant with stylish red shoes who knows more about Dan’s past than seems possible.

    These peculiar, sometimes intense, and often comical interactions with his fellow travelers help Dan put his life back together again. However, just as his life seems to have direction, Dan falls for the hypnotic beauty of a disturbed young woman and their highly passionate encounter forces Dan to make a startling decision, one that has unforeseen consequences on his family, his morals and those he cares about the most.

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