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  • Payoff Pitch

    $4.99$14.99 Mullins, Tom Moon
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    Art Babico is the player/coach of the Jersey City Cougars in Jersey city, New Jersey. His team is going nowhere, very similar to his life. He is an erstwhile cop who lives day to day, solo.
    He ends up falling in love with a beautiful Thai woman in Jersey City. Art is hoping she can erase the memories of a former love who was found brutally killed.
    However, the Thai girl Goon, cannot reciprocate Art’s affection for she has demons of her own!
    Art continues to hunt for the killer of his first love and his trail leads him to a very unlikely source!

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  • Worlds Apart

    $4.99$14.99 Oliver, Martin R
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    A Collection of Short Stories

    Peter loves his wife dearly, and does everything to make her happy, so why would he invent a story that his work is taking him to Bangkok for a couple of weeks? His wife Juliana follows him to try and discover why!

    Bebito, a young boy from the interior of Bahia Brazil, becomes another Brazilian ‘‘street child’. He makes friends with Marcopolo who teaches him how to survive on the streets of Salvador. But why must he go home to repay his former employer, the rich landowner Snr. Calvacanti?

    Reginald, a young man from a religious background, decides on a career at sea as a ships engineer. Life at sea, and the characters he lives and works with are not exactly what he expected.

    The author’s description in ‘The Game of Golf’, where he and his Scottish friend play a typical weekly round together with a Japanese competitor and an elderly South African gentleman. The situations they encounter are humorous, but typical.

    “Worlds Apart – a collection of short stories”, is Oliver’s sequel to his popular first novel “The Never Lonely Planet” which describes his travel experiences, and the places and people he met in many countries, all over the world. “Worlds Apart – a collection of short stories” is a collection of short stories written in his distinctive style. The stories are a fusion of fact with fiction, leaving the reader to guess which situations and characters are real, and which are not?

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  • The Signature – Volume II

    $4.99 Welman, Frans
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    In the Signature two extremes are on the cards: one the insignificance of a signature given by a celebrity or and author, two and more importantly is the signature, the seal of agreement, between oppressed and oppressors, the former with the signature to be set free. The Signature draws attention to the outcome of a plot instigated to change the status quo so that the oppressed Boros, as per example, can achieve their desired freedom from alien and oppressive rule. The Signature takes a swing around the world as implicators and nations become frantic when this political status quo is tampered with beyond control.

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  • Achan: A Year of Teaching in Thailand

    $3.99$9.99 Booksmango
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    This lively collection of vignettes, pithy essays, profiles, humorous anecdotes and travel tales shares the experience of a seasoned American writer, traveler, and teacher who spent a year as a guest lecturer at a university in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  It offers an entertaining and enlightening read for anyone who loves exploring other countries and cultures. A gem of a travel memoir!

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