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  • Revenge Season

    $4.99$13.99 Jones, Mark
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    Do you know where this track leads to Peter?’ said Baey shining his torch into the blackness of the jungle beyond.
    ‘It skirts the river, into the National Park, and ends at a major waterfall roughly three kilometers from here. I’ve been up there once, a couple years ago,’ said Pete looking shell shocked after all the physical exertion.
    ‘I think we’d better get going,’ said Baey as we heard the mesh fence rattling with the sound of people climbing over it.
    ‘On the run into the jungle then is it, Baey?’ I said trying to make light of the situation.
    ‘No Mike, we’re leading them into a trap. They’re on my turf now, not their decadent fleshpot in Pattaya,’ he countered with a deadly glint in his eyes.
    Ning’s out of jail and hell bent on revenge. Mike’s got himself into another jam helping a friend who’s run afoul of a greedy, malicious wife and Baey’s stepped in to do what he usually does; sort out the bad guys.
    In the long awaited sequel, to ‘Fear and Loathing in Pattaya,’ there’s trouble brewing near Khao Yai National Park as Mike heads north to bail out a mate. In a continuation of the journey into the darker side, of the nuances of Thai culture, Revenge Season takes  you away from the comfortable surrounds of urban Thailand and into the unforgiving harshness of the tropical jungles; a place where the ultimate killer is not man but nature itself.
    A classic tale of greed, deception, and ruthlessness takes you beyond the dangers of the geographical interior and into the dark, dangerous interior of the human soul. In the deep jungles of Thailand there’s more to fear than the monsoon season. Be afraid, it’s Revenge Season.

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  • Snapshots of Thailand

    $4.99$12.99 Sackett, Sam
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    Not even a three-hour motion picture could give an adequate impression of Thailand. These seven stories are snapshots of a few phases of the kingdom.
    An American expatriate seeks employment and love, but what he finds is not what he was looking for. A Thai woman overcomes the habits that almost destroy her marriage. A Thai girl looks for a career and is surprised by what she finds. Another Thai girl overcomes a dismal childhood to achieve resounding success. The American wife of a Thai discovers that she doesn’t like paradise. A Thai wife is dissatisfied with her Japanese husband. A young Thai man climbs toward success, using his employers as stepping stones.

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