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    Prominent Thai Political Thinkers

    $4.00 $2.00 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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    The book will throw light on the question of who the Thai political thinkers are and what criteria have been used to judge them. Dr. Thanapol has selected to study the process of political change since 1932. He has made the case studies of:

    1. the late Dr. Pridi Banomyong,
    2. the late M.R. Kukrit Pramoj,
    3. the late Prof. Dr. Chai-Anan Samudavanija and
    4. former Prime Minister Chaun Leekpai.

    These are the key figures in this period. They have made decisive impact on the Thai political system in order to make it more democratic. Dr. Thanapol has explained their role in changing the nature of the Thai political process. His work is unique and original and perhaps the first of its kind in the academic fields of Thailand.

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  • Final Closure

    $4.99$14.99 Bell, Robert
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    Paul Swift retires and plans a peaceful life in Thailand. No pressure, no faces from the past, and no more snow. Until he recognizes someone. A face that represents unfinished business; a face that brings his time in Germany back to the fore; a face that makes him reconsider retiring to Pattaya.
    As he digs deeper, he finds his foes from Germany are back up to their old tricks, and some new ones. It’s time to put a spanner in their works. He calls on old friends to help, and in the course of his self imposed mission, makes new ones.
    To understand what happens in Pattaya, you need to understand what happened in Germany almost twenty years earlier. Paul is looking for closure on events in Germany. Can they finally get to the truth that had eluded them? And will closure, if obtained, be what he expects?
    Whilst the fictional Pattaya that Robert created in his earlier books may be familiar, Final Closure is about retribution and revenge. It is about Paul’s journey to put demons to rest.

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  • Cocktails & Dreams

    $4.99$14.99 Lilburne, Guy
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    Just as Danny O’Brien starts to settle down to peace and quiet and a happy married life in Isaan in the north east of Thailand a serial killer starts terrorizing the beautiful tropical holiday island of Phuket, targeting the sex workers around the bar scene.
    When ex Detective Sergeant Danny O’Brien is drafted in as a Detective Consultant on the case he uncovers further murders from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, going back over a ten year period. He makes more enemies then friends in his attempts to find the murderer.
    Danny could not imagine the impact this case will have on his life and his future. His personal journey is touched by great happiness and overwhelming sadness, but he has a case to solve and people are depending on him.
    Danny sets out to trap the killer unaware of the danger is own life is in. A race against time in a game of cat and mouse that he can’t afford to lose.

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  • Oh Burma Vol 1

    $0.00 Welman, Frans

    Feeling the pulse of the Burmese people of Burma, before the 1988 popular uprising and not yet renamed to Myanmar.
    The dynamics of what happens when people live under unbearable pressure and yet find ways for much needed relief. That the uprising came we know, but the people then did not and express with risk what happens when a country, their country is abandoned and military dictators can do as the please.

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