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  • Origin of the Tai People, Volume 8―Early Tai Kingdoms of the BC Period

    $7.49 Schliesinger, Joachim
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    Origin of the Tai People 8―Early Tai Kingdoms of the BC Period gives detailed information about the current academic knowledge of the various states that were established and governed by ethnic Tai people in the region of modern China, a long time before the first Han Chinese entered the area.
    Alone with the deciphering of the human DNA we are now in a position to know more precisely about our own biogenesis and about our migration routes within the territory of East Asia and mainland Southeast Asia.
    Today it is generally accepted that the populations inhabiting southern China and most parts of the eastern lands between the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers in the 2nd and 3rd millennia BC and before spoke languages that were not related to Chinese and the early principal states or kingdoms in this region were often conglomerations of distinct ethnic peoples under the leadership of a politically dominant ethnic group.
    This work is part of the discussion about the achievements of the Tai people in their ancient seats before the ethnic Han Chinese appeared in their various habitats in much later times of history and established their first Chinese Empire in 221 BC.
    The text is supported with plenty of images.

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  • Midnight Picasso

    $4.99$14.99 Cameron, Leslie
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    Fraud is like sex : so much better if you take it slowly.
    Corinne Bruckmann lives by fraud. She arrives on Gran Canaria with the Midnight painting that she claims to be a sequel to the Guernica masterpiece in Madrid. In her story, Picasso gave the canvas to her German grandfather, back in 1937.
    Mike Forrest has been hired to find these answers:
    (a) Is it really a Picasso?
    (b) Is it really hers to sell?
    (c) Is this another scam? – OR –
    (d) Is she telling the truth?

    Word of the Midnight Picasso spreads like wildfire. Dealers and criminals swarm to Gran Canaria, all with one idea: to own the priceless new Picasso – by either buying it, stealing it… or killing for it.
    Mike Forrest is the ‘fall-guy’ in this hurricane of women, sex and violence… Many died at Guernica – and more will die before Mike can find the truth….

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