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  • Origin of the Tai People Volume 7

    $7.49 Schliesinger, Joachim
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    Tai Folklore and Spirit Belief System

    Origin of the Tai People 7―Tai Folklore and Spirit Belief System describes the wide field of oral traditions and the complex ritual belief system of the ethnic Tai people.

    Spirit worship is as old as mankind itself and among the Tai people the phenomenon goes back to the ancient days when the first Tai-Kadai speakers originated in the area of modern southern China, from where they migrated to all parts of mainland Southeast Asia and as far as Assam province of India.

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  • No Chance for the Wicked

    $3.99 Ruff, Leandra
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    Emilia Haggerty had dreamed of the day when she left for college. But her dreams are short lived when she meets a man named Ezra Davenport. He is unbelievably handsome, extremely smart and incredibly arrogant. Emilia is drawn to his dangerous attitude and ruggedly handsome face. Emilia knows there is something off about Ezra but she can’t figure it out. And suddenly there seems to be someone trying to kill her and Ezra seems to be everywhere and nowhere at all. Emilia starts to believe Ezra is out to harm her and she tries to stay away from him but, again, she is drawn to him. Does Ezra want to hurt Emilia or help her?

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  • Immobilien in Thailand – Wohnungen und Villen in Pattaya

    $15.99 Pendrell, Nick
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    Für die meisten Besucher ist nur eine Reise nach Pattaya nicht ausreichend -viele träumen davon, sich entweder in der Stadt oder Region für immer niederzulassen, oder ein zweites Domizil zu erwerben, um die kalten Wintertage hinter sich zu lassen.
    Heute, während Thailand nun ein spezielles Visum für Ruheständler über 50 anbietet, steigt die Zahl derer, die ihr Wohneigentum in der Heimat verkaufen und nach Pattaya übersiedeln.
    Die hohen Lebenshaltungskosten daheim werden dann nur noch unangenehme Erinnerungen sein, da ein Jeder sein komfortables Leben schon ab 1.000 Euro pro Monat genießen kann.
    Derzeit liegen die Einstiegspreise für ein Apartment in Pattaya unter 22.000 Euro. Jedoch werden sie nicht lange so günstig bleiben, im Gegenteil, die Preise steigen ziemlich rasant. Daher ist jetzt die richtige Zeit, um in eine lmmobilie zu investieren.
    In diesem Buch bieten die Experten für Auslandsimmobilien, Michael Vender und Nick Pendrell, einen detaillierten, aber Ieicht zu konsumierenden Leitfaden fur jeden, der an dem Erwerb einer lmmobilie in Pattaya interessiert ist. Er wird Sie durch den kompletten Kaufvorgang begleiten und Ihnen helfen, lhre perfekte lmmobilie zum bestmöglichen Preis auszuwählen, und gleichzeitig möglichen Fallstricken aus dem Weg zu gehen.

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  • Tremors – Travel Adventures in Post Earthquake Japan

    $4.99$14.99 Broadhead, Paul
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    The day before Paul Broadhead was due to travel to Japan for the first time, an earthquake and tsunami rocked the North East coast of the country, killing thousands and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Undeterred, he flew out for a three week trip through a country coming to terms with devastating loss.
    Tremors is a personal account – sometimes funny, occasionally sad, but always eye-opening – of a gaijin in Japan, at a time when nothing is certain and everything is subject to change…

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  • Phnom Penh Mann

    $4.99 Cain, Christopher D.
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    Henry J. Mann is a writer and expatriate living in Cambodia. His life is unraveling.  His wife has kicked him out and he is living in a small room at an old hotel. Money is tight and the future seems uncertain. He keeps getting odd phone calls, first an RCAF Captain who needs his help, and then from a General who is looking for his daughter’s foreign lover. Could this be the same General’s daughter, and the reason for his present predicament?
    Fearing the worst, he goes with the Frenchman to Laos to find a mystical opium den that he knows doesn’t exist. Is it pretense to get him back to Thailand to solve a riddle from his past? A motorcycle accident, the death of an old girlfriend, and three months wandering before arriving in Cambodia.
    Henry travels back through time, his own past, and to a past life that he wished he had lived when Asia was truly exotic. The future is waiting. Will his wife stay at their house near the airport, or will she be out hunting wild boar, or the mythical white elephant of her childhood?
    The story unfolds in modern day Cambodia nearly thirty years after the genocide, Phnom Penh, a freewheeling city where the old and new collide, and a motley collection of castoffs, bums, and madmen call home.

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