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  • Bangkok Sunrise

    $4.99$14.99 Cameron, Leslie
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    How can you rescue a Thai girl from a brothel?
    Jade has an idea to save her sister, Mayya. “Mr Lee, he clever man. You must make him offer…” and she used the drippings in my saucer to draw a map of ‘Mike-v-Lee’.
    First, a square: “This you,” she said. Then, a second square… about six inches away. “You be useful – if work for Mr Lee, he no hurt you.”
    I had no argument with ‘not getting hurt’. “You know how he operates?”
    “You need fence to keep you safe,” and she added a line of strokes between the two squares. “If Lee see fence, he not attack you,” Jade explained. “We give him fence to think about…”
    When the Picasso scam on Gran Canaria went pear-shaped, we sent the Midnight painting to Lee Ho Chan in Bangkok. But our favourite Chinese merchant was involved in the Bangkok Sunrise plot to overthrow the government and before he’d let us take Mayya home, he wanted me to collect a secret letter from his brother in Chiang Mai.
    So we chased our tails from Bangkok to Koh Samui and on to Chiang Mai. But when my contact was murdered in a ride-by shooting, I lost my link to Lee’s brother – and unless we had that letter, we had no hope of saving Mayya… or the government of Thailand.
    But while all this was happening, where was Corinne Bruckmann?

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  • Living In Chiang Mai

    $4.99$14.99 Gunn, Alexander
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    After moving from the safety of middle class rural life in England, Alex and his family come to terms with living in Chiang Mai. It’s a little bit different. Well, to be honest with you, it’s about as different as having a nice quiet country walk and then deciding to see what it’s like to go ten rounds in the Saturday Night No Holds Barred Cage Fight Slaughterhouse Rumble hosted by the Creative Breaking legend Iron Knuckles Kane. It is excruciatingly different, and anybody who tells you otherwise is simply lying or well adjusted.

    Alex bumbles through another year treading prawns into the British Ambassadors carpet, unwittingly befriending The Triads, getting mixed up with the shadowy underworld of Chiang Mai’s Water Bandits and ending up in Chiang Mai’s police station.

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  • Watching the Thais

    $4.99 Tuohy, Tom
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    Why does a Thai smile at you after crashing into the back of your car?
    Why do Thais deplore walking?
    The heat, the heat. What about the weather?
    Why is everything done as a pack?
    What is all this face stuff about?
    Sleeping and shopping?
    Just what is it with the Thais?
    What’s it all about?

    Author and academic Tom Tuohy answers all these questions and much more in his new book about the Thais and all their quirks.

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