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  • Broken Halo

    $4.99 Kraushaar, Doris
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    Outsiders believe the lush mountains of Northern Thailand are peaceful and idyllic. But things are not as they appear-danger and intrigue lurk in even the tiniest village. Broken Halo reveals this dark underside of life in the ‘Land of Smiles’ through the tragic and terrifying stories of Ploy and her younger brother Kaeng, each of whom must struggle to maintain their humanity while chance and choice constantly pull them in the opposite direction.
    Sold by her father into sex slavery at the age of fourteen, Ploy spends the next decade facing down life-threatening dangers and emotional traumas in an effort to climb out of the putrid pit she was ruthlessly cast into. Kaeng was only a child when Ploy disappeared, but as he grows into a young man the same evil forces that exiled his sister now draw him in and threaten to turn him into one of their own. First becoming the hunter and then the hunted, he learns the hard way how to value human life, including his own.
    In Broken Halo, Ploy and Kaeng’s stories are juxtaposed against one another and told in their own voices, creating an intimate portrait of the grim choices that men and women from Thailand’s small mountain villages must face, as well as a strong sense of the forces beyond their control that shape those choices. As a result, the reader is taken on the same scintillating journey that the characters experience themselves. It is a wild and informative ride, and will forever change your perception of the supposedly tranquil Thailand.

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