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    Maggie May

    $2.99$14.99 Gray, Marvin
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    Marvin Gray’s past has returned to haunt him. Fifteen years ago, he had a love affair with a beautiful Playboy centerfold, Maggie May Esquivel. Now, his only true love needs Marvin to rescue her from the notorious Salvadoran criminal gang MS-13, which has threatened the lives of Maggie May and their teenage son, Josh.

    The case throws inexperienced private eye Gray onto a convoluted course he cannot understand. The quest leads him into the dangerous underworlds of Latin America and the US, where he uncovers a conspiracy to murder a US Embassy official in El Salvador. The investigation also forces him to confront demons dating back to the Salvadoran Civil War, and long since buried in a soiled life of alcoholism and failed relationships.
    Only by rescuing Maggie and Josh, can Marvin save himself.

    The thriller Maggie May explores the subtle fractures between the heroic and the villainous.

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