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  • Thailand Cassie

    $4.99$14.99 Cameron, Leslie
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    For several years, Billy Ash has been a regular visitor to Thailand. At first, he wanted Kodi – but after the incident with that yellow-handled kitchen knife, he realised that Cassie was the safer option. She was special. She helped Billy rebuild Tiger Blue.
    A year has passed. Billy is back home in Glen Rowan; Cassie is running her hotel in Rambuttri. But now she wants to open a new hotel in Chiang Mai – and would like Billy Ash to come and share it with her.

    Although he’s fond of Cassie, Billy thinks she’s far too young and doesn’t see her in his future. But Cassie is interested in Billy – and if he won’t come to Thailand, then she will visit him in Scotland. Billy agrees; times and dates are arranged.
    Is there another woman in Billy’s life? Not really. Victoria (his former lover) is supposed to be in Australia – and after what Kodi did to Zakrovinsky, he never wants to see that Thai girl again.

    But while he waits for Cassie in Glasgow Airport, Billy is taken by surprise to see Victoria – who is on her way home from Canada. Is her unexpected return become his Chiang Mai get-out clause?

    Before Billy can decide which way to turn, he is hit by an even bigger nightmare. To buy her new hotel, Cassie needs to borrow money – and a Chinese financier is willing to help her. But the Chinese banker in a blurry cell-phone photo looks a lot like Kodi…

    Is she here to help? Or is she here to use Cassie’s hotel as a one-stop-shop to sell heroin in Chiang Mai?

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  • Οι εκφυλισμένοι – The malformed

    $11.99$17.99 Perises, Mona
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    Ο οίστρος των Hijra

    Περίληψη: Είναι κακό να μη σε θέλει κανείς, ούτε καν οι γονείς σου. Γεννιέσαι και πριν δεις με τα αδύναμα μάτια σου το πρώτο φως, βλέπεις πρόσωπα εχθρικά και αγριεμένα. Μόλις σ’ έχουν αντικρίσει, σ’ έχουν ψαχουλέψει και έχουν δει το σώμα σου, αρχίζουν να φωνάζουν και να σε καταριούνται.

    Με τη πρώτη επαφή που έχεις μαζί τους σαν ον, έχεις ήδη καταδικαστεί και έχεις μπει, στη φάκα του θανάτου. Εσύ ήρθες στη ζωή πριν από λίγα δευτερόλεπτα, αλλά μόλις σε είδαν, αμέσως σε καταδίκασαν χωρίς ελαφρυντικά και προγραμμάτισαν το θάνατο σου.

    Ένα τέτοιο καταδικασμένο αγόρι είμαι εγώ. Με χάρισαν οι γονείς μου στους Hijra, για να με κάνουν γυναίκα. Ακριβώς μόλις έκλεισα τα πέντε μου, την ίδια μέρα και την ώρα που ετοιμάζονταν να μου κόψουν το φαλλό μου, τους ξεγλίστρησα. Το πρόβλημα μου είναι, ότι ο φαλλός μου είναι στραβός, ας πω… ότι είναι τόσο στραβός, σαν το γιαλό.

    Ήμουν και είμαι παιδί του δρόμου. Στα έντεκα μου, με τα λίγα λεφτά που είχα μαζέψει, είχα πάει σ’ ένα γιατρό και μου είπε ότι πρέπει να κάνω μια επέμβαση. Τώρα είμαι 19 και μαζεύω ακόμα τα λεφτά, για να τη κάνω. Μου λείπουν λίγες χιλιάδες ρουπίες, κάνω πολλές δουλειές μαζί, και θα τα μαζέψω.

    Δε θέλω να γίνω Hijra και αποφεύγω τις παρτίδες μαζί τους. Θα με ψάξουν σωματικά και αλίμονο μου αν καταλάβουν το πρόβλημα μου. Θα με ευνουχίσουν και εμένα μου αρέσουν πολύ οι καλαίσθητοι άνθρωποι και οι γυναίκες.

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  • Romancing The Thai

    $4.99 Reynolds, Mark
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    The Thai Love & Romance Language Phrasebook

    Romancing The Thai by Mark Reynolds is the only Thai Love, Sex romance language Phrasebook eBook you’re going to be needing when holidaying in Thailand. This Ebook will introduce you to all the most useful Thai romantic phrases and sweet words you’ll ever need when looking for love & romance in the Land Of Smiles. The e-book includes…

    1) Ice breakers. Hello how are you ? What’s your name? etc.  No Thai language Romantic phrasebook should be without these basic bread and butter ice breakers.

    2) Talking about the Thai girls family. This is going to score you brownie points when dating most Thai women!

    3) Basic romantic talk. Have you got a boyfriend / girlfriend? Would you like to go out? Etc.

    4) Eating out. There’s nothing like a bit of wining and dining to get the ball rolling!

    5) Romantic phrases and conversations. “I love you”  “I want to share my life with you” etc.

    6) Conversational text sections where you can practice your Thai in various realistic everyday language situational exchanges.

    7) A section about getting married.

    8) Having problems and want out of the relationship? There is a handy section that introduces you to some helpful phrases to deal with these types of situations.

    9) In the bedroom section. This is where you’ll get a chance to really flex your linguistic muscle!

    10) A little section about health and chemists just in case! And lots lots more…

    A Thai Language Phrase Book With A Difference

    Romancing the Thai is not simply just another “wham bam thank you ma’am” Thai love language phrasebook eBook – it goes deeper than that! This guide will not only teach you the most important aspects of the Thai romance language – but will also provide the reader with a working blueprint that they can easily follow in order  to achieve success in casual or long term relationships with Thai women.

    Romancing  The Thai Language Phrasebook can be used, and is suitable in many situations. It can be utilized by…

    1) Men who are looking for a serious long term relationships with Thai Girls & marriage.

    2) Men who are just taking a short vacation in Thailand – and are looking to have some no strings attached  fun – with the many Thai bar girls who work the nightlife venues of Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

    3) Men & women regardless of their sexual orientation (gay men & lesbians will also find the language useful and relevant).

    4) Students of the Thai language as a vocabulary and Lexis expander.

    5) Anyone who is interested in reading a light hearted fun Thai language phrase book.

    And Finally! If you’re planning a vacation in Thailand – then “Romancing The Thai Language Love Romance & Sex Phrasesbook ebook” is a must have!  So don’t leave home without it!!!

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