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  • The Poet Pundit Speaks

    $1.99 D'Costa, Bob
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    When nothing works, we turn to our mind, the tiny thought within speaking in simple words. Fundamental philosophy in poetry form draws us and we suddenly find our sanity back in our character.

    This is the swag the poems here give you back. From the window of a pavement prostitute, to travel, and then to the voice within you speaking about Sufi kind of seeking. From elegy to judgment on rape victims. All packed here for guiding you to return to your roots.

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  • Devoted to The Father

    $4.99$9.99 Coleman, LaShunda
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    A twenty-eight day guide through the Fruit of the Spirit: Developing Godly Character

    “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.  Against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23

    Devoted to the Father gives the reader the opportunity to take a personal journey toward a place of deeper and more intimate relationship with God as Father.  Through a detailed study of  Biblically identified Fruit of the Spirit, the author shares from God’s Word and offers inspiration and encouragement from the heart of a devoted daughter.  Through reading, self-examination and application of the Word, readers are empowered to see, recognize and know the joy of walking in the beauty and power of a Spirit-filled life.  Each son and daughter of God our Father will find this guide to be a valuable addition to their personal library.  It is a wonderful tool for personal growth and development into God’s image. Mary Davis, – Intercessor, Life Group Coordinator, Missionary, Volunteer and Author

    Devoted to the Father is a must read.  It gives a picture of the Fruit of the Spirit that comes alive in the life of the Believer. They work together and are essential to God’s people for everyday living.  As we operate in the Fruit of the Spirit, the favor of God becomes evident in our lives. Reverend Jackie Moody – Vision Missionary Baptist Church Little Rock, South Carolina

    Devoted the Father is an extraordinary guide.  It will enlighten your spirit and feed your soul.  It will lead you on a spiritual journey that will allow you to connect with the Father’s love. Reverend Terry C. Coleman – AA Religion, Liberty University, AA Biblical Studies William Ervin Theological Seminary, Founder of FREE Worship Mission & Outreach Ministries.

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  • From Time to Eternity

    $4.99 Fanwar, Wann
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    A Sabbath Tour

    This book is a tour of the biblical materials on the subject of Sabbath. It explores the nature of these texts and does a comprehensive exposition of their content. The book employs the language of a tour and takes its readers through a tour of the Sabbath texts and concepts. It shows that the Sabbath is a journey from time to eternity, from where we are into the presence of God.

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  • The Cambodian Plot

    $3.99$8.99 Pianaro, Maurizio
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    A political thriller set in the ever-sensuous and treacherous post-Cold War Indochina
    “What was supposed to be a j’accuse against powerful intelligence agencies supported by material evidence, I had to turn into a piece of fictional work. WWII ended in 1945 and the hunt for the last Nazis is rightly still going on. But why, as for Nazi Germany and many other countries, should it not be the same for Cambodia, where Khmer Rouge’s commanders and cadres committed igno- minious war crimes and genocide during their dictatorship which was brought to an end in 1979?
    After all these years and more than $150 M spent by donor countries, the UN’s sponsored Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Phnom Penh is a farce and Cambodian victims of Pol Pot’s regime have been denied justice.I hope the theory I describe in this story deserves an independent international investigation.
    The author is an Italian writer interested in South-East Asian affairs. In 1975, he witnessed the conquest of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge.

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