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  • Minecraft Game Guide Unofficial

    $4.99 Hiddenstuff Entertainment
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    Are you looking to download and install the game?

    Do you often find it difficult to beat certain parts?

    Would you like to play like a PRO?

    Would you like to get tons of resources?

    Help, tips, strategies, getting coins, walkthroughs, and the complete guide are also included with the order. Here are more details as to what is included when you purchase:

    – Professional Tips and Strategies.

    – Cheats and Hacks.

    – Surviving the First Night.

    – Game Objectives and Goals.

    – Combat.

    – Mining.

    – Food and Farming.

    – Multiplayer and Servers.

    – Animal Rearing.

    – Potions.

    – Crafting.

    – Secrets, Tips, Cheats, Unlockables, and Tricks Used By Pro Players!

    – How to Get Tons of Cash/Coins.


    Disclaimer: This guide is not associated, affiliated, or endorsed by the Games Creator and or Owner. We cannot guarantee that this specific title will be available for download on each and every platform mentioned.

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  • Unveiling Apocalypse

    $5.99$9.99 Fanwar, Wann
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    The Truth about Revelation

    This book explores the book of Revelation to determine what its primary message is. There are so many views about the book that it can be confusing. However, most Revelation presenters do not pay close attention to what the book itself is doing and resort to imposing external paradigms on Revelation. This study attempts to provide some balance by examining the book from within.

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  • A short note on: Dessert Asia

    $4.99 Teh, L.H.
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    This book is written with some knowledge in cooking. Every society cooks because everyone need to eat. A person need basic meal to survive but a dessert basically mean the person live to eat.

    It is a term used to describe a sub meal within a course of meal. Usually during the heaviest meal of any civilization such as dinner or banquet. It is usually serve at the end of the main meal to complete the whole meal and cannot do without it.
    A civilization that has desert menu are those that have prospered with feudal or elite classes. A dessert literally transform any society from being just a need of a basic meal to survive into a society that we can say, ‘live to eat’ rather than ‘eat to live’.

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  • Thai Cookery for the completely clueless

    $3.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Throw a best-selling author of a dozen books about Thailand together with a naturally gifted cook from Chiang Rai, who has been preparing food for her family since she was seven years old; then season with a liberal dash of humor to ginger-up the generally rather dry narrative typical of the more conventional types of cookbooks to be found on the shelves of bookshops. Stir these spicy ingredients into a large selection of some of the most popular and authentic dishes to be found around the country from Mai Sai to Satun, and the resulting mix is the recipe for ‘Thai Cookery for the Completely Clueless’. Designed for anybody who possesses the level of culinary skills and the physical co-ordination required to dip a spatula into a wok, ‘Thai Cookery for the Completely Clueless’ will instruct even most bungling of dummies, dunces and beginners to produce perfect Thai meals that range from delightful dips and appetizers, exotic curries, soups and noodle dishes, through to sensational stir-fries and desserts.
    ‘Thai Cookery for the Completely Clueless’ also contains an extremely useful Thai-English glossary of Thai food ingredients, and each of the easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes is complimented by a light-hearted, co-author’s ‘verdict’ on each meal covered, which also provides a little background information about every one of the thirty-three dishes covered in the book. ‘Thai Cookery for the Completely Clueless’ is also going to be useful for first-time visitors who wish to sample the country’s food in the stalls and restaurants around the country, but have no idea of what to ask for, or even which ingredients the meals on the often confusing menus contain.Totally straightforward, and as free from pretension as the young woman whose time-served recipes make up this book, ‘Thai Cookery for the Completely Clueless’ is written with the essentially Thai philosophy in mind that cooking and eating should always be fun.

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