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  • Verbs in Storyland – Volume 2

    $2.99$9.99 Hincks, Anthony T.
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    Verbs in Storyland are fun books to write. I can use people I know, and write them into different stories.

    English is sometimes a hard subject to learn, and that is why I am using verbs as a basis for these series of books.

    The stories are usually fairly short, and they can vary in the way the story is written, and in what manner. It basically comes down to the verbs used, and the person who I have modeled the story on.

    I do my own illustrations so they are not perfect, but nether am I, and dare I say it, neither are you. Iam no artist when it comes to drawings, but then that is life.

    So enjoy volume 2 of Verbs in Storyland.

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  • Etiquette for Wives

    $4.99$9.99 Tomas, Chris
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    Self Help 12 Step Guide for Married Women with Bible Verses

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  • Maine Lobster, Thai Style

    $2.99 Lorenz & Duangkaew
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    Thai Fusion Cooking Maine Lobster, Thai Style

    Have you ever wanted to try Lobster in a whole new way? Maine Lobster, Thai Style brings together the finest aspects of Thai cooking, combined with fresh Maine Lobster, for a fantastic fusion that will bring your taste buds to a whole new level of consciousness.

    This is a unique cook book because of its authors’ particular backgrounds, training, and inspiration to create perfection at home. All of the ingredients necessary to make our meals are available in the West, and we include possible alternatives to customize each recipe to meet your needs.

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