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  • Lecker, Lecker – Thailänder kochen deutsche Gerichte

    $4.99$22.99 Kolonko, Hedwig
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    Was essen eigentlich die Deutschen?
    wurde ich oft gefragt und so entstand dieses Kochbuch mit raffinierten Rezepten zum selbstständigen Ausprobieren und genießen. Deftige Suppen aus Gemüse, Kürbis oder Kartoffeln und frische Salate schmecken ebenso köstlich wie die würzigen Hauptgerichte mit ihren schmackhaften Beilagen, die süßen knusprigen Makronen oder die fein gebackenen Kuchen.

    Guten Appetit!

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  • Thailand Love Talk

    $5.99 Doyle, Terence
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    The Land of Smiles has many attractions to the overseas visitor, but none more powerful or better appreciated around the world than the alluring smiles of the young ladies working in its many bars.
    The magnetic draw of beautiful, lissome Thai bar girls sees tens of thousands of westerners arrive, phrase books in hand – and confusion reigning from the moment they try to engage in meaningful conversation with their new-found ‘best friends’.
    Communications breakdowns in such situations are the norm, rather than the exception – and they are multi-faceted, their roots and tentacles reaching far beyond simple linguistic barriers.
    Love Talk takes a humorous look at some of the communications barriers faced by westerners enjoying for the first time the delights of long nights sipping cold beers in the company of warm-hearted women eager to get to know them better.  With an insightful nod to the cultural divide that separates the typical western bar-lover and his new Thai girlfriend, Love Talk fills in the blanks and settles a few scores along the way.
    Also available as dual language book (English & Thai).

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  • English Thai Pocket Phrase Book

    $3.99$7.99 BooksMango
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    Thai Food & Eating Out
    Doctor, Dentist, Hospital & Emergency
    Sightseeing, Shopping & Traveling
    Money, Post Office & Police Station
    Numbers, Days & Date
    Weather, Leisure & Sport

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  • Deutsch Thai Taschenbuch

    $4.99$7.99 BooksMango
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    — Ziffern, Tage & Datum
    — Beim Einkaufen
    — Restaurant & Bar
    — Reisen
    — Wetter
    — Freizeit & Sport
    — Sehenswürdigkeiten
    — Bank, Post & Polizei
    — Doktor – Krankenhaus

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