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  • ΔΕΛΦΙΝΟΓΕΝΝΗΤΗ – Delfinogenniti

    $2.99$11.99 Triantafyllou, Stavros
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    Kάποτε παλαιά, αγάπησα μια γυναίκα όμορφη σαν καστανόξανθη γοργόνα με δέρμα υγρό, όπως των δελφινιών. Είχε μάτια ζεστά όπως σκούρα βότσαλα στον ήλιο και χέρια μακριά, σαν κλαδιά υδρόφιλων δένδρων γερμένα στο αλμυρό νερό.

    Ήμασταν άμαθοι κι έτσι δεν πράξαμε όπως μας προέτρεψε η Βαθιά Αγάπη. Όμως θυμάμαι, είχα την τύχη να κρατήσω το χέρι της έστω για λίγο καθώς εκείνη μάθαινε σε νεογέννητα δελφίνια πώς να κολυμπούν. Πανέμορφα πλάσματα της χώρας του Καλοκαιριού που συνήθιζαν να την αποκαλούν Δελφινογέννητη…

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  • Bread of Life

    $6.99$11.99 Torres, Irish
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    This is a testimonial book about Jesus Christ and how should we live our lives through Him, with Him, and in Him.
    This tackles about what is an ideal Christian living, and how to please God in everything that we do.
    Furthermore, this encourages individuals to glorify God moment by moment and to work out for the gift of salvation.

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  • Surviving Thai Cuisine

    $0.00$9.99 Doyle, Terence
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    A Guide to the 37 Most Weird Foods Waiting To Surprise You In Thailand
    From Ant Eggs…To Water Bugs
    Every visitor to Thailand is interested in the country’s ubiquitous bug carts. Those cute two wheel trolleys pushed along the night streets by smiling vendors selling – well, selling bugs. Their usual menu runs the gamut from grasshoppers to scorpions. But bugs as a gourmet treat are only the most obvious of the many food challenges awaiting unwary visitors. Other surprising ingredients range from dancing shrimp to rats.
    Even apparently harmless dishes, like a soup, a salad or a glass of water, can be dangerous for the unsuspecting.
    Surviving Thai Cuisine will guide you past most of the main culinary minefields. At the same time, it also offers an introduction to Thai food generally and to many other aspects of Thai culture.

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