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    Thai Ghost and Their Mysterious Power

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    We cannot deny the significance of ghosts in Asian societies, because they play an essential part in our lives on an almost daily basis. We must be careful not to offend them and try to appease them at all costs. Otherwise, serious repercussions will occur in our lives sooner or later. Many times, mysterious occurrences have been thought to be the result of their indignation.

    Stepping into a plane heading to Thailand, you will be protected by benevolent ghosts immediately and automatically. They have the responsibility to protect you and help you without request. Most importantly, they will drive away the malevolent ghosts who may cause inconveniences to you.

    In Thailand, ghosts have their own specific duties to protect you. For example, during travelling you have to depend on the ghosts of vehicles, or Mae Ya Narng, the household ghosts, and ghosts of the forest. You need pay no extra charge because their help is complimentary. So you should not be afraid of them, but don’t insult them. The friendly ghosts always welcome you to the land of smiles and the land of a hundred ghosts.

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  • Building Peace in the New Millennium

    $2.99 Wolter & Onkom
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    Building Peace in the New Millennium is a collection of academic papers written and presented at international conferences by the Thai philosopher, Dr. Suchitra Onkom.

    Her articles, also print-published in different magazines, symbolize a critical outlook on religio-historical facts of the past and present. Her intent is to point a finger at our doings or rather not doings concerning the creation of lasting peace among all living beings on our tormented planet.

    Her message bases on the teaching and wisdom of the Buddha collected in the Buddhist scriptures, which concern anyone who seriously wants to attain inner peace that consequently leads outer peace. Without peace inside us, the attainment of outer peace, or peace around us is not possible.

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