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  • Unfinished!

    $5.99$11.99 Hincks, Anthony T.
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    Welcome to Unfinished!

    It’s a group of stories that I have written over the years to help teach reader’s comprehension. Because it’s reader’s comprehension, I didn’t need to incorporate the usual start, endings, and/or middle to what would have been a long exercise.

    The stories cover many genre as I don’t believe in sticking to just one type of storyline. I like to try and think ahead of the reader, so I usually have lots of twists, and turns in any story that I write.

    Not all the stories will make sense to you, but to me they do. Just as I don’t expect everyone to like my style of writing. It would be good if you did, but I am not that ignorant or that silly.

    If the stories are well received, I may end up writing longer stories and turning them into a novel of sorts.

    This first volume contains forty stories which I had sitting on my computer, so all I had to do was do a minor bit of editing to bring them back to life.

    I hope that you have a read, and enjoy them.

    Remember, if you don’t, well I won’t lose any sleep over it.

    All the best, and enjoy what life can give you, and what you can offer it in return.

    Anthony T. Hincks

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  • The Essence of Compassion

    $5.99$22.99 Pierson, Aaron
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    This book is the fruit of all my books and brings to the point of everything I work to express and share from my heart.
    It is the true expression of compassion that fills our heart and soul. This is when we find the true purpose in our lives, becoming a soul of true, living, breathing, compassion!

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  • The LOS Diaries: Part One

    $4.99$9.99 Jones, Mark
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    This is the first part of a reflective account of my experiences in Thailand over the past seventeen years. It is an account of someone who has journeyed two different paths; that of a professional diving instructor and, later, a whoremonger.
    It is a story of a journey from an initially carefree, idyllic, adventurous lifestyle in an island paradise, to the harsh reality of the urban environments of Bangkok and Pattaya. It is a story of a journey into the dark side of life in Thailand and a realization that there’s a hardness and ruthlessness in that dark side which, when you’ve lived here for seventeen years offers you nothing in return except a world largely devoid of integrity, honesty and sincerity.
    It is my story and it is, like those of so many other foreigners who settle in this land, a story of a roller coaster ride through adventure, hardship and endurance.
    It’s also a story of mateship, something which is a rare commodity in this day and age. I make no apologies for what you’ll read beyond this page. You may be humored, shocked and even angered but, ultimately, you’ll come to realize that there is no other country in the world like the Land Of Smiles. These are the LOS diaries.

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  • A Harley, a Stetson and a red Thai Chilli

    $4.99$12.99 Little, Alan
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    Before the start of this story, the book gives a brief description of how the Japanese stormed the world with their technology, with regards to the mass production of cheap forms of personal transportation, which led to the demise of the European and American car and motorcycle industries.
    Jed Cantrell worked for the Ford Motor Company in Detroit on a production line. The book tells the humorous story of Jed’s life before Mr. Honda opened a car production plant in North America, and the affect that it had on him. Why he purchased a Harley Davidson in Bangkok and how he met Chilli, a beautiful mid-twenties Thai woman. A Harley, a Stetson and a red Thai Chilli, it sure is a funny story folks!

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