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  • Kelly – the Bar girl who would be president

    $6.99$16.69 Worthington, Sam
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    The story is based in the fictitious Ramage Islands a former British colony and SE Asian state run by a wealthy elite who belittle the downtrodden and often desperately poor masses.
    After life as a street child Kelly almost inevitable ends up ‘working bar.’ She meets Philip Carrington a retired UK businessman just before her friend is killed by a tearaway driver who is the son of a local politician. The son is due to ‘walkover’ a local council bye election but Kelly makes it a competition and aided by Carrington wins. This sets in chain a series of events which lead to Kelly eventually seeking the ultimate position of President.
    But as ever in Asia there are more than a few obstacles in the way as she struggles with total corruption and an elite that may talk about good governance, and wanting a better place for all, but it the end they do not want to change anything.
    This is a fast paced story that looks into the soul of Asian governance as well as the way the West treats the third world.

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