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  • Gray Matter

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    American security officer Clark Miller is playing a dangerous game. In order to track terrorist Anwar Khan from Indonesia to the tribal areas of Pakistan, Clark is embroiled in political volatility and religious fanaticism. Now working in Pakistan, he has learned the language, history, and culture of the conservative Muslim country. He has also made the mistake of sleeping with the wrong local women, frequenting the wrong brothels, and trusting the wrong advisors. His appreciation for the Pakistanis and their culture matches his hatred of religious extremism and exploitation.

    Miller inherited his relentless determination from an abusive and violent father. The more Clark tries to exorcise his paternal demons, the more he recognizes his father in his own behavior. Clark has to embrace his father’s violence to track Khan down and find justice.

    But time is running out. Clark’s investigations of Khan have drawn unwanted attention. Pakistani security forces have started investigating Clark, and Anwar Khan has targeted Miller for assassination. When a young prostitute offers to sell information on Khan’s whereabouts, Clark must act quickly. It is now a race against time, money, and loyalties. If the Pakistani security forces don’t get him, the terrorists will.

    “Gray Matter” is Marvin Gray’s the fast-paced thriller sequel to “Gray Areas“.

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