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  • Aussie Rogue

    $4.99$14.99 Clements, Raymond D
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    True story of Raymond D. Clements who was born into a large family in a goldmining town in Central Queensland, Australia, after the end of the Second World War. He grew up with miners, stockman, drovers, and took to the road early in his life. Left school at 13 years and worked and taught himself to do all kinds of jobs with skill; using explosives, blast hole drilling, earthmoving machinery, underground mining, mustering wild cattle, sheep droving, horsebreaking, cattle fencing and catching wild bulls with a rope of a Toyota Jeep.
    Conscripted for National service, sent to war in Vietnam as a Forward Scout in the Australian army. Came back a changed man, but still had the wanderlust and spirit of travel and adventure. Worked and traveled far and wide across the outback of Australia; in later years went backpacking around the world on many trips. Did a bungy jump in Chiangmai, Northern Thailand, at the age of 59. Later married a young Thai woman 30 years younger and is now happily retired with his young wife and baby daughter. He says, ‘Life is what you make it!

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