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  • Aussie Rogues and Rebels

    $4.99$13.99 Clements, Raymond D
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    The stor​​ies in this book are about real people​, and hail from back in days gone by. These were good friends and comrades​ who stuck together; they came from all walks of life, worked hard, drank hard​ – and fought at the drop of a hat​.
    They toiled in the outback of Australia on construction jobs ​building road​s and railways, and dams​ and harbours for the iron ore ​industry; ​they laboured ​​in gold and copper mines, as stockmen on ​giant cattle stations, ​as fishermen around the north coast and ​in many other professions, some legal and some otherwise​.
    Not your average law-abiding and God-fearing citizens, these were real Aussies of the outback​.
    The stor​ies have been ​fictionalised to protect those still in the land of the living.

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