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  • Monkey Business in Thailand

    $4.99$13.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Come to Thailand and meet a sexy Isaan girl, fall in love and build a small house for less than the price of a second-hand car in the peaceful serenity of the Thai countryside and live happily ever after, far away from the hassles and headaches of modern urban life. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out as planned. Monkey Business in Thailand tells the true story of what really happened when a Pattaya old-hand becomes disillusioned with the changes his favorite city has gone through during the past quarter of a century and succumbs to the charms of a determined young bar-girl, then attempts to do what many visitors to Thailand have contemplated. A must-read for anyone who is considering travelling or living in up-country Thailand, Peter Jaggs brings to life a host of unforgettable characters from the neon-lit backstreets of Pattaya to the dirt-roads and rice-fields of a rustic village in Sri Saket.
    This book also opens up a treasure chest of folk-lore tales and insights into rural Thailand, as well as providing a fascinating look at some of the bird and animal life of the area. Monkey Business in Thailand moves from the shameless to the subtle in the wink of a bar-girl’s eye and provides the reader with a humorous and panoramic portrait of a foreigner living amongst the Isaan people and countryside. Unlike the old days, when a crowbar at least was needed to pry most male visitors away from Pattaya, in recent times it appears that more and more men are actually listening to their Thai girlfriends when they are urged to consider moving away from the ever-increasing pace of Thailand’s busiest tourist resort to a quiet haven deep in the Thai provinces. Of course, there are those that have already made the change; some with a measure of success and others, like the author of this book, with complete, spectacular failure.

    “I have read many books written by falangs over the last twenty eight years in coming to Thailand, after a while they become very same-same; so I was surprised to read ‘Monkey Business in Thailand’ as I’ve learnt more interesting things that I would never had known. Peter Jaggs has a wonderful ability to describe characters/ places/ food/ countryside/ travel and heartache. Where I see Thailand through CARTOON EYES Peter sees the same but through multi-coloured words. Peter Jaggs diaries open the doors for you to step into another world, one few people have ever seen. A lot of his memories will haunt you long after you have finished reading his book. His vivid descriptions are second to none when he takes you into rural Thailand.” MIKE BAIRD, CARTOONIST

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