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  • Just A Minute

    $6.99$13.99 Pope, D.L.
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    He is just another dreamer running away from a high-pressure job, hoping that a little sand between his toes will help get his head back on straight. It is a perfectly good plan, until a beautiful young woman falls into his lap on a stormy Phuket beach. Is it fate that brings them together or simply too much Tequila?
    At least they have something in common: Mickie doesn’t trust tourists and he doesn’t trust bar girls. Surrounded by the tawdry nightlife of Patong, where few things are as simple as they first appear, the unlikely couple begins the slow dance of love.
    On the eve of his return to America, the traveler receives a most unusual gift: ancient tokens able to bend time to the will of their owner. But only for one minute at a time.
    Newly empowered by the tokens, his journeys take him far from the Land of Smiles into the depths of his memories and beyond. And yet, he can’t get Mickie out of his head. Separated by culture, continents, and what we call ‘commitment issues,’ will he find his way back to the woman he never should have left?

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