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  • Blue Falcon

    $6.99$15.99 Miles, Bryce A.
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    Set in Thailand & Laos
    Why make a deal with the devil when you’ve got God on a technicality? For Bangkok Security Consultant and James Bond wannabe Richard Falcone, that technicality grants him immortality as long as he remains a blue falcon.
    blue falcon / n /  (slang, derog)  1(a) A code phrase coined by US military personnel. (b) Someone who serves himself at the expense of others. (c) Buddy F**ker
    But then he takes things a step too far.
    Framed by a dirty Thai cop for the murder of his boss and blackballed by his acquaintances, Falcone flees to Laos where he finds sanctuary, if not peace. There, an encounter with a man known as the Anti-Buddha inspires an unorthodox mission to reconcile his need for vengeance and atonement. Technicalities be damned, Falcone launches a daring operation that may not only satisfy divine justice, but irrevocably change the lives of his alienated friends and jilted lovers – if it doesn’t get them all killed first.

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