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  • Facets of Thai Diamonds

    $4.99$14.99 Bell, Robert
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    The Thai Diamonds trilogy concludes in Facets of Thai Diamonds. We finally discover what happened in Bangkok when Rot went to work there aged sixteen. The first facet is a story of innocence lost.
    Mike’s family arrives for a Christmas that will lead to life changing events, particularly for Scott. But for some, their future is not with Diamonds. Some guys just seem to self destruct. Keng finally achieves his goal, and his spirit moves on, but not without drastic effects and a big cost to the fellowship.
    They face new challenges as Diamond Productions has a success on their hands and when Scott spends the summer working on college projects; it seems destined that they will have an even bigger success.
    Peter and Ivan reveal how their innocence was taken in Russia, and how they came to be living in Thailand.
    Robert reveals eight facets of Thai Diamonds in this concluding book as the Thais put their former lives behind them to take on the best that Pattaya has to offer.
    In the four and a half years since we first met the Diamonds, they have matured and grown in stature. Whether it was chance, or fate, that brought them together, what they created as a team was an unstoppable phenomenon. They knew what they liked. They knew what they wanted. They knew when action had to be taken. There are two ‘F’ words that aren’t in their vocabulary. ‘Fear’ and ‘Failure’.

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