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  • Bruce and Rachnee… diary entry of lovers after death

    $2.99$13.99 D'Costa, Bob
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    As night thickens, the soul of Bruce, long dead, settles inside Jack’s head, telling him to churn out a story on Jill, the statuette on his table when, in a parallel universe, Jill becomes Rachnee, Bruce’s beloved and picks up a stone with life in it and a beer mug with faces floating inside.
    At the old and abandoned mansion, the old lady’s face resembles that of Jill’s and the hunt for the Point of Origin begins.
    But who is the elderly couple confirming they are Jill and Jack? And the giggles of children coming from an empty room?
    The mystery of similar birthmark of faces on their bodies takes the young Jill and Jack to the countryside, where a strange ritual of jumping on burning coals and devotees swinging on a moving cartwheel with hooks pierced into their flesh is held. To complete hunting for their identity, the painting exhibition of Faces is not enough, but meeting the elderly couple.

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