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  • Welcome to the Dark Side

    $4.99$14.99 Gray, Marvin
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    In 2003, Marvin Gray works for a US government contractor investigating and recovering Babylonian, Sumerian and Acadian artifacts stolen from the National Museum of Iraq and other Iraqi archaeological sites. The investigations turn deadly when Gray learns that many of the same people smuggling stolen goods are also involved in sex-trafficking. Iraqi women and girls are being shipped to oil-rich Arab countries for sexual exploitation. The American and British authorities in Baghdad forbid Gray to meddle in the affairs of “friends” of Washington and London. For Gray, the choice is simple. He takes the perilous step into the dark Iraqi underworld where the huge profits generated by assassination-for-hire and sexual exploitation are fueling religious extremism, and will become the future funding base for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    Welcome to the Dark Side is the face-paced prequel to ‘Maggie May’, dealing with Marvin Gray’s battles with alcoholism, forbidden romances with Arab women, and failed attempts to protect the innocent.

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