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  • Living The Dream

    $4.99$14.99 Lilburne, Guy
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    Growing old disgracefully in Thailand is an occupational hazard for retired ex-pats who just want to be ‘Living the Dream’. For a small group of ex-pats living in Pattaya, living the dream is sitting in The Sloan Square Bar and playing dominos, obviously putting the world to rights while they play.

    The landlord is Gary Sloan. He is the sort of person you either love or hate. Some people love to hate him and some people hate the fact that they love him. His skin is as thick as a sprung mattress. He leads this group of ex-pats in a series of adventure and misadventure. It is an emotional roller coaster ride of highs and lows that will stay in your memory long after you have finished reading this book. They are more than just close friends. They are a band of brothers. This is their story. A story you will be happy they shared.

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