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  • Skin Trade

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    There are so many beautiful and sexy women working in the bars around Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket in Thailand. Dazzling smiles and seductive eyes on exotic faces entice customers to step into their night time world of neon lights and pulsating music. Skimpy clothes on tanned skin adorned with tattoos. Considered art ‘Master Pieces’ by some. Tattoos are touched, kissed and admired by the men who are tempted to step into this twilight world of ‘love for sale’.

    When the body of a beautiful young woman is found murdered and skinned in her small rented room in Pattaya the police ask Danny O’Brien, a retired Detective Sgt from New Scotland Yard to take a look at the case. O’Brien lives in Thailand and he has advised on many previous ‘High Profile’ cases for the Thai Government.

    To some people Danny O’Brien will always be just an old drunken Irishman who gets into too many fights and solves murder cases with nothing more than sheer luck. To others he is the best detective they have ever worked with. He has his own demons to battle with but when he is sober for long enough, Danny O’Brien is back on the case. Even when the case turns out to be political and international.

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