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  • Daughter of the Snake

    $4.99$14.99 Cameron, Leslie
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    ‘Keep in touch by e-mail,’ Danni ordered, ‘and we’ll go for March.’
    And that’s Billy’s invitation to the join the two Australian lesbians (Danni and Selena) for a holiday in Thailand. Once there, Billy – more than old enough to know better – is shown the good, the bad and the exciting. But as well as guiding Billy around Bangkok, the girls have one ambition: to get him into bed with Nina, the Banana Girl.
    Then, in the middle of this sexual adventure, Billy finds himself attracted to Kodi, a delightful young Thai girl who was born under the Chinese sign of the Snake. And Kodi is a true Snake. She plays Billy off against the lesbians by demanding money and refusing sex without marriage. Kodi is always looking for a better offer.
    However, Billy is in love and can’t resist the lovely Kodi. Encouraged by the lesbians, he makes a proposal. Will she accept? Will she agree to live with him? Or is there one more twist in Billy’s love life…?

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