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  • Thailand Karma

    $4.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    The author critics once dubbed the ‘Master Craftsman of Thailand Short Stories’ is back with 16 new tales featuring characters as diverse as thieving lady-men, Essex wide-boys, fortune-telling spirit doctors and psychotic, axe-wielding grandmothers. Set in locations from the rural hill-tribe villages of Northern Thailand to the neon-lit bar-strips of Pattaya, they are all based on true events and revolve around the concept of karma in Thailand and the rewards and dangers of accruing both good and bad merit in life.

    True to form Jaggs’ latest offering pulls no punches and as usual contains blunt, non-P.C material that will amuse, upset and in some cases, very likely offend. Whether you love or hate the author’s work it is undeniable he does provide an insight into life in Thailand like few writers ever have. There will not be many readers who finish this book without sneaking a quick, backward glance over their shoulders at the karma they may have earned during their own lives.

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