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  • The Moon Hunter

    $4.99$12.99 Simandan, V.M.
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    Stories by students from Thailand

    The forest ranger is desperately searching for his missing friend. The night is dark and danger crawls everywhere. But the hunter becomes the hunted! Attacked from all sides, the ranger narrowly escapes only to face even more dangers. In the struggle, he loses his rifle and now needs to rely only on his pistol. And then he hears his friend moaning…

    “The Moon Hunter” is a collection of 70 stories written by students at an international school in Bangkok, Thailand. They cover a vast range of genres, from horror to adventure to sci-fi, but they all make an entertaining read for young readers.

    Ultimately, this collection of stories aims at asking young people, their teachers, and their parents the following question: “Who said you can’t write?”

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