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  • The Indian Crow

    $2.99$14.99 D'Costa, Bob
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    …the untold stroy of the common man

    26th January. 4:21 a. m.

    In a crumbling one room house, a young man bends over the light of an oil lamp, writing out a Republic Day speech the government has chosen him to deliver to the vast gathering in the Calcutta Maidan. But he is running out of time. And he must hurry before the country will put him into trial.

    Will his words become a hate speech? Or envelop his countrymen with patriotic fervour? He has no answer to the question.

    However, whispers have already started making rounds of the Muslim, Hindu and Christian blood screaming in his veins which he has hidden from the people. And the story he will read out of his life will justify his religion.

    Written in a chatty style, this novel hits the satirical strings of the reader’s heart, stripping naked – in a bold voice – the weakness and limitations of the country.

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