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  • Thailand Tourists

    $4.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    The Love Hunter, Thirty-Minute Millionaires, Ethnic Ethel and the Artful Dodger plus many more. If you have travelled to Thailand, you will certainly have come across most of the characters in this book at some time and it is quite possible you will even recognize yourself amongst the pages.
    True to form, the author takes a tongue-in-cheek look at tourists he has known in the Land of Smiles, all of whom are based on people he has seen or met in over three decades of living in a country which undeniably attracts some very colourful individuals.
    Uncompromisingly honest and wickedly amusing, Thailand Tourists is a must-read for anybody contemplating a trip anywhere in Asia and will give a completely different aspect to a boring flight, a day on the beach or a hop around the night-spots, allowing the reader to tick off the types represented one by one; all brought to life by the illustrations and script in a unique and often remarkable way.

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