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  • Mind the Monkeys!

    $4.99$13.99 Whiting, Lawrence
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    Lawrence Whiting has come to know the Thai monkeys of Phana very well in the seven years he has been running the Phana Monkey Project with his wife, Pensri. One of the things he has enjoyed most is the opportunity to introduce his monkey friends to so many Thai people as well as people from all over the world. He hopes that this book will enable even more people to appreciate these lovely creatures.

    After the monkeys had got comfortable with me… they would come up and touch my arm and then run away again. The mothers would walk up to me and set their babies down to play, and large males would bring their food and eat right next to me. They had let me into their world and I was forever changed.
    Chris Love, Phana Monkey Project Volunteer

    Observing them is interesting to see their behaviour and to see how much alike we are! Rita Cerdiera, PMP volunteer

    Animals have feelings, there is no doubt. Respect the monkeys, respect wildlife. Christel Gomes, PMP volunteer

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