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  • Bangkok Carousel

    $4.99$14.99 Cameron, Leslie
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    A Carousel is a fairground ride that takes you round in circles… and brings you back to where you started. And the Bangkok Carousel?

    A never-ending ride to find a girl to get me over Kodi. But no matter who – or what – or where I found one, the Bangkok Carousel always carried me back towards Kodi. So who was Kodi?

    Easy answer: Kodi was the only girl I really wanted. What happened?

    If you work your way through the September editions of the Bangkok Times, you’ll find a couple of lines about a Wednesday evening in Soi Rambuttri when a young Thai girl was stabbed on the steps of the Tulip Tree… True: it happened. But by Persons Unknown? Not a chance! We knew exactly who had done it. But by the time they’d started the man-hunt, Zakrov and his crew had long-since vanished into the Golden Triangle… Forget all that. Zakrov and his crew would have to wait for another day. Right now, it was time for me to vanish into the green, green hills of Glen Rowan and decide how best to fix that heroin-pushing Romanian. But then my cell-phone purred with an incoming text message. It was four words long. I’d no idea who sent it. But someone was telling me to Never Give Up Hope!

    Did that mean she was still alive…?

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