Self Publish or Full Service Publish

Self Publish

Self publishing requires many steps to get it right.

You need to create your own book cover; be knowledgeable about typesetting & formatting; convert & format correctly to conform to various eBook standards (ePub 3 / ePub 2, mobi, ePDF, print PDF); get an ISBN assigned and distribute to all major retailers.

If you wish to go the self publishing route, you could start publishing with, create a free account and upload your cover & pdf book file. You could then later decide if you need help with file conversion / creating a professional cover / re-designing the layout or distribution.

Full Service Self-Publishing

The best choice for most authors.

With millions of eBooks out there one would need to make sure the publishing process is done professionally and the individual author can concentrate on the writing. There are costs involved versus the no cost self publishing route but costs are low.

You could combine self publishing with full service publishing by selecting to create a free account with, then get a stunning layout and error-free eBook files for all platforms (Amazon/Apple/Google/Kobo/Barnes & Noble/etc)  and choose to distribute to all retailers yourself and get paid directly. You keep 100% of proceeds – no middleman involved!

Self Publishing:

✘ Must create your own cover

✘ Must create your own layout and convert to pdf file

✘ Must create your own ePub 3 (Apple Books)

✘ Must create your own ePub 2 (kobo, Barnes & Noble)

✘ Must create your own mobi (Amazon)

✘ Must create your own interactive PDF (Google)

✘ Must create your own print-ready PDF (Print-on-Demand book; POD)


Full Service Self-Publishing:

✔︎ Expert typesetting & layout

✔︎ ePub 3 (Apple Books)

✔︎ ePub 2 (kobo, Barnes & Noble)

✔︎ ePub & mobi (Amazon)

✔︎ ePub (Google)

✔︎ print-ready PDF (Print-on-Demand book, Amazon, IngramSpark; POD)